Penolope Cruz doğumdan sonra üstsüz

2013-09-14 12:16:57

Penolope Cruz doğumdan sonra üstsüz |  görsel 1

Geçtiğimiz Temmuz ayında ikinci bebeğini dünyaya getiren Penelope Cruz, eşi Javier Bardem’le birlikte tatile çıktı. Birlikte Korsika’ya giden çift, çocuklarıyla birlikte sahildeydi.Denize üstsüz giren Cruz, eşiyle romantik dakikalar yaşadı. Devamı

David Copperfield

2010-09-21 17:28:00

David Copperfield Magic Trick - The funniest bloopers are right here Devamı

David Copperfield , Old Magic

2007-05-01 19:48:00

  David Copperfield , Old Magic - For more funny videos, click here David has completely changed and expanded the world of magic and illusion. He's been called a 'modern day Houdini', and the 'world's best magician'. In our interview he tells a little bit about how he started in magic and the other sides of him that make him tick. DM) You do almost 500 performances a year. Do you ever think of slowing down? Doesn't it take a toll on your life? DC) Well, fortunately, I love what I do, so even with this schedule, I never tire of performing in my chosen profession, the Art of Magic! DM) When did you first become interested in magic? DC) I became interested in magic at an early age. I learned a card trick from my grandfather when I was seven, which involved four Aces. As a matter of fact, the illusion is in my current show. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away before he ever got to see me do it for the public. Each night's performance of that magic is a special tribute to his memory. DM) I've read that the reason you started in magic was to overcome social awkwardness growing up. It supposedly helped you make more friends and get a few dates in high school. Is this true? DC) Well, when I began doing magic and brought this skill into school, I found out that it was quite an attention-getting magnet. And, as time went by, it really seemed to catch the eyes of the girls in school! My influences, unlike what most people think, came largely outside of the field of magic. Although magic greats like Kellar, or the Frenchman Robert Houdan (from whom Houdini got his name) were certainly great for the profession, it was artists like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly that have greatly influenced how I present my show on stage. Also, in an attempt to move my audiences emotionally, I would have to say that film directors like Orson Wells, Stephen Spielberg, and Francis Ford Coppola have had a... Devamı

David Copperfield (Ördek Oyunu)

2007-05-01 19:41:00

Beyaz Saray Çalışanlarına özel gösteri, tabi Bush olmadan olmaz değil mi ya.:D Güzel ve komik bir David Copperfield sihirbazlık gösterisi.Hayvanlarla yapılan ilginç bir sihirbazlık örneği... Devamı

A Sexy Card Trick Explained

2007-05-01 19:37:00

A sexy card trick explained try it for watch my other videos! :D Devamı