Criss Angel - Kadını İkiye Bölme

2007-04-29 10:44:00

Criss Angel'ın dünyaca ünlü bir gösteri videosu.Vücudu bölünen kadın help help diye bağırarakelleri üzerinde yürüyerek parkın içinde kaybolurken izleyenler dehşet içinde kalıyorlar. Devamı

ünlü sihirbaz criss angel..

2007-04-29 10:40:00

Muhteşem sihirbazlık gösterileri video klibi Devamı

B o x V a n i s h

2007-04-29 10:07:00

o v e r v i e w Vanish just a card! No way, how about the box but keep the cards? Check it out! d e t a i l e d    d e s c r i p t i o n When I first watched this video and had the same reaction as you just did! I bet you were not expecting the entire box to vanish! Also when it vanished into a Ghost Deck of Bicycle cards it makes it even better. This is one of those tricks that is just going to make people say, what! Do that again. When this happens just walk away. This does need a small gimmick that can be made for just a few dollars or may be even for nothing. You can learn this and perfect the secret in just a few hours. Practice hard and get out on the street and impress! This trick has a difficulty rating of Devamı

Michael Kent - Comedy and Magic @ Kent State University

2007-04-29 10:04:00

Michael Kent - Comic, Magician, Smart@$$ - at Kent State University performing the "Balloon Trick" and "Chicken Trick." Video by MagicWorks Inc. More at Devamı

The Magic Trick (Sketch)

2007-04-29 10:00:00

Brandon Ivey performs a "magic trick" with the help of a "volunteer" from the audience. Performed by Brandon Ivey and Michael Sanchez in Chicago October 2006. Devamı