Million Dollar Card Trick

2007-04-29 09:50:00

o v e r v i e w A trick for the spectator and great for people new to magic.   d e t a i l e d    d e s c r i p t i o n The magician shuffles the cards and then hands the deck to the spectator. He then asks the spectator to make 4 equal piles on the table. After doing so the magician asks the spec to pick up one pile and take 3 cards from the top and put them on the bottom then put one card from the top on each of the other piles. In doing so further mixing up the cards. The magician asks him to do it again with another pile, and so on till it has been done with all the piles. Now the magician explains that the cards have been really mixed up and that he has not touched them since he shuffled them. He now asks the spec to turn over the top cards on the piles and they are all aces! This is an incredible trick that happens in the specs hands and is relatively easy to do. This trick has a difficulty rating of Devamı

Şu mu bu mu?Kafam karıştı yaa.

2007-04-29 09:29:00

T  h  i  s     N     T  h  a  t       o v e r v i e w This has been the top viewed video on! You HAVE to watch this one! d e t a i l e     d e s c r i p t i o n . This n That is a very visual set of card changes. This video was the higest viewed video on and Paul has agreed to share the secret at This video has had over 2 million views and the comments and feed back are amazing. Everyone loves it! Just watch the clip and you will see why. We have given this video the Gold Award not only because the trick and the performance are great but the tutorial is very well produced. Paul takes you through all the steps and this includes very fine details in the card set up. You will of course need to make your blank cards with a pen so some blank faced cards will be required. The tutorial runs for 10 minutes and is about 18 megs in size. A good level of card handling will of course be required as well as some practice.With 2 million views you know this is going to impress so be one of the select few that actually know the secret! This trick has a difficulty rating of 4. Devamı